How To Make a Decision

Hi, I’m Lauren and I am indecisive. I get worked up about things as small as ordering at a restaurant. What if I order something and it isn’t as good as I think it will be? What if the other thing I was looking at is way better and I’m making a mistake? Classic overthinker… I also go back and fourth when deciding what size I am at clothing stores. Some of my shirts are extra smalls and some are larges, like huh? That doesn’t really make sense to me but okay. I work at a clothing store and I will spend so many days contemplating what size I am before I buy something. Needless to say I am an indecisive overthinker.

Sometimes it is just a matter of counting down from three and making a decision, and sometimes this works out. Other times not so much. There are some choices that I have made such a long time ago and I still wonder if the other option would have been better. They aren’t even important, just simple things like clothing sizes. Is the key to solving indecisiveness just making an impulsive decision? If so I have been missing out. Maybe we all just need to care a little less. Who cares if you buy something without trying it on and it is a little too big? You can always return it. I don’t know where I am going with this to be honest.

I wish that this article was me teaching you how to make a decision but really I’m the one who needs help. What do people do when making choices? Pros and cons list? Write it down? Make an impulsive decision? Someone guide me please. As I’m growing up I have a lot of choices to make. I have been put in a position where I need to make actual adult choices. I am intimidated and I obviously don’t want to choose wrong. However, if I take my own advice then I guess there is no wrong choice. I want to make myself proud of what I do.

I don’t think that decision making really gets easier as we grow up. I am still second guessing my clothing sizes all the time and I’ve been buying clothes for how many years?! Maybe it’s just all in my head and I’m the only one who feels like these choices are a huge deal. Like I’ve said before though, it is easier to be on the outside looking in rather than being the one faced with the choice. I think I need to take some time for myself and figure out my own priorities in order to make a choice that I am confident in. I am definitely going to do that. I appreciate all of your support with my journey of writing. It means a lot to me. Thank you for reading.




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