Is Homework Effective?

Short answer: not really in my opinion. The long answer is the entirety of this story. I have found that assignments can be helpful, but to a degree. If you assign a certain number of pages to read, for example, but you don’t give enough time to read in class or you are not understanding of some students having troubles focusing; your students may choose to take the easy way out instead of actually learning. I have definitely been in situations where I have chosen to google the answer because I was stressed out of my mind and just wanted to finish it. Many students do this and it makes sense why.

I would like to make it very clear that I don’t condone slacking off and then expecting your teacher to help you. This drives me crazy. If you are not even making an effort in class, that is a different story. I am talking about when you are working in class and doing homework and still not being able to retain any of the information. One time in my grade 11 English class we were asked by the teacher if we should still read Shakespeare. I responded with yes, but only a little bit, because it is important to appreciate old writing and with the right attitude it can be fun to read iambic pentameter. Most students aren’t interested in Shakespeare though, so students don’t care to actually learn. They will “read” Macbeth, thank you SparkNotes, and will not care otherwise.

What if schools taught things that students actually wanted to learn about? Would students take more time to actually read if it was a story that they had a say in? I know I would. When the school shut down in March, our English teacher gave us a novel study as an assignment. We got to choose our books, and this made a huge difference for me. Reading outside at my house made a difference too. I know teachers can’t just change the curriculum whenever they want, but wouldn’t it be nice if students had more of a say in what they were being taught?

I also just wanted to say thank you to everyone who reads my stories. It means a lot to me. Writing is a real passion for me and the fact that people read these makes me so happy. If anyone has anything they’d like me to write about please reach out to me! I am always looking for new ideas, and if I can write about things that interest you guys then even better! Thank you so much for reading.




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