Push Yourself

Sometimes we have to do things that we know will benefit us in the end but we don’t want to do in the moment. These choices can be small like deciding weather to do your workout routine or not, and they can also be huge like deciding weather or not to leave a relationship. At the end of the day you always know what is best for yourself. Although, you may not realize it in the moment. I’m not sure what everyone’s beliefs are, but I definitely believe in everyone having their own energy. An old friend told me that energy doesn’t lie, and that has stuck with me ever since.

I find it ironic how when your friend is in a toxic relationship, for example, it is so easy to tell them to just leave, yet when you are in a similar situation it isn’t so easy. Things are always harder when you are the one making the decision. It is so easy to give everyone else advice but why can’t we take our own? We need to be kind to ourselves. Deep down you know what you need to do, but do you have the strength to do it? I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently with things in my life that I know need to change but I am afraid to be the one to change them. It’s easier to blame someone else rather than saying you are the one who decided that you needed a change.

Change is terrifying and it’s okay to admit it. When I was younger, I would finally get used to being in a specific grade and every year when I had to go to the next grade up I would be terrified. I never thought about how that time last year I was terrified and now I love the grade that I am in. In the end change is good. We go through many milestones in life and each one will make us cry because we are afraid of it. Graduating, moving out, getting married, having kids, it all seems so terrifying until you’ve done it. Before I got my license I was afraid of driving alone, but now I drive everywhere and don’t think twice.

Energy really doesn’t lie. Trust yourself to make the right decisions, but if you read a couple stories back you will know that there is no right way to live your life. Please go easy on yourself. You cannot tell the future, you make it. I recommend taking your own advice even when you don’t want to. You know what is best for you, but if you decide to not take your own advice at least you will learn something. If you make a choice that didn’t go the way you were expecting please take something away from that experience. Thank you so much for reading.




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