There is No Right Way

“Someone new” by Hozier is such a good song, and it has such a way of getting this message across. There is no right way of living your life. Think about that for a minute. I know that we can all be judgmental of ourselves and others, but if you catch yourself doing this try to stop and remind yourself that there is no right or wrong way. Okay I will explain what I mean instead of just repeating myself.

People are often congratulated when they buy a new car or a house, and are judged when owning an older run down vehicle. I don’t agree that owning new things makes you more successful than others. Life is all about personal goals, and if you don’t need or want a new car then why would you purchase one? Ah yes, because we fear judgement. There is an underlying pressure to have a certain amount of money even though nobody knows about your financial situation. Here’s a tip: never compare your financial situation to someone else’s. You will feel so proud of yourself until you compare yourself to someone who makes more than you. Stop comparing yourself to others! (That goes for you too Lauren…)

Aside from money, there is no correct way to have a relationship with someone either. Every relationship is different, and everyone has different boundaries. If you and your partner have a system that works for you then don’t let anyone tell you differently. Some people have very secure boundaries and aren’t comfortable with their partner doing certain things, and this is not anyone’s place to say that they are being strict or insecure. The same thing goes for a relationship that does not have many boundaries.

It can be so hard to break free of society’s expectations of us. I catch myself doing things that society wants me to all the time, but do I even want to do it? I will be honest with you, for the most part I wear the same outfit every day off that I have. I wear an oversized crewneck with mom jeans. I look back at photos of myself in middle school wearing tight ripped jeans and eyeshadow, and I am just so happy that I am figuring out who I really am as a person. I don’t regret my decisions in the past, I just realize how differently I would act now. Character growth feels good.

Remember that there is no correct way to live your life and that you will likely change as you grow. I am only 18 and I have already grown so much as a person. We are constantly growing and learning and that is exactly why there is no right way to live your life. Sometimes it can be hard to tell when you are judging someone for living their life differently than you. You can have different goals than others but there is no reason to judge. I hope that this gave you some insight. Thank you so much for reading and supporting me.




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